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Founded by Corbin Parker, Garage Armour was created to bring the very best quality possible to garage flooring customers throughout southwest Florida. We achieve this by uniting over 30-years of industrial resinous flooring installation experience with the industries leading materials and contemporary design trends.

We are not a franchise, nor a dealer. This gives us full autonomy to select the best products and work directly with the manufacturer who produces them.  The Resinwerks™ coating products we use provide home and business owners with a superior finish that is engineered to both withstand heavy traffic and protect against hot tires and chemical attack. In addition, Resinwerks™ products are designed to be environmentally friendly, with low-VOC materials and recyclable packaging.

Our installation territory includes Tampa, Naples, and everywhere in between. We have installed numerous garage floor coatings in Sarasota, Fort Meyers and Lakeland. Wether you have a small basement floor coating or a larger commercial project, please give us a call to discuss what system would best suit your needs and budget.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • 100% Cost Transparency Up Front
  • Residential Garage & Commercial Flooring
  • Custom Flooring Options
  • Locally Owned and Operated


Highly impact and abrasion resistant coatings that are 100% resistant to gasoline, oil and other common chemicals.


Available one-day installation allows for minimal garage floor downtime and rapid return to service for your business.


Environmentally-friendly, low and zero-VOC products that emit minimal odor and are safe for residential applications.


When it comes to selecting a garage flooring installer for your project, it is important to remember the three Ps of floor coatings:

  • Prep: Is your installer actually mechanically profiling the floor and removing the top/weakest layer of concrete to allow for optimal adhesion?
  • Products: Is your installer using the very best products money can buy or just some generic epoxy?
  • Process: How skilled and experienced are they? Without proper technique, you may be left with an uneven looking floor or unsightly roller marks in your topcoat.

How It Works

  • Bare concrete is profiled with a mechanical grinder
  • Concrete primer is applied
  • Chip / Flake broadcast is applied
  • Floor is scraped/sanded to prepare for topcoat
  • High performance topcoat is applied


  • Does Oil or Gasoline Stain Your Flooring?

    No. Our products are completely impervious to oil, gasoline and a host of other chemicals.

  • How Much Does It Cost

    Among other things, cost will depend on the size of your floor, type of floor coating system selected and the need for additional surface preparation requirements. Please check our cost estimator for a ballpark figure on what a new Garage Armour floor would cost. Please keep in mind these are only rough ballpark estimates. A formal estimate will be given at time of consultation.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    Once we commence work, systems are generally completed within 1-2 days. We can absolutely install in a single day if required.

  • Do the Materials have an Odor?

    The materials we use are all low or 0-voc. If you require absolutely no odor – that is no problem as well.

  • Is it Slippery?

    Slip Coefficients are dictated by the type of coating system installed. Generally for chip / flake garage floors, the existing finish is adequate for anti-slip requirements. If needed, we can also incorporate additional traction additives into the topcoat.

bare concrete floor

Bare Concrete

grinding concrete floor

Concrete is Profiled

primer coat application on concrete

Primer Coat Applied

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chip broadcast

Chip Broadcast Applied

top-coated chip floor

Floor Is Top-coated

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